Major and Medium Irrigation

Topography of the State does not offer much scope for taking up Major Irrigation Projects. However, several feasible locations are available for Medium Irrigation Projects in the foothill and valleys of the State. The Detailed Project Reports/ Feasible Reports of following investigated projects have been brought out so far:


(i) Deopani Multipurpose Project: Located in Lower Dibang Valley District, this project envisages irrigation potential creation of 5000 hectare CCA with power generation of 4 MW. Estimated cost of the project at 2004 price is Rs 77.03 Crore. Its cost sharing on Irrigation and Power components are 57% and 43% respectively.


(ii) Pappu Valley Medium Irrigation Project: Located in East Kameng District, this project envisages irrigation potential creation of 2000 hectare CCA along with power generation of 750 KW. Estimated cost of the project at 2003 price is Rs 26.00 Crore.


(iii) Medium Irrigation Project at Paya, Hatiduba, Yealiang and Zeko Village under Sunpura Circle: This project is located in Lohit District under Sunpura administrative circle. It envisages irrigation potential creation of 2170 hectare CCA and its estimated cost at 2001 price is Rs 13.30 Crore.


In addition to above, one Medium Irrigation Project at Sille Remi in East Siang District is under survey & investigation in collaboration with the NERIWALM, Tezpur. This project is anticipated to cater irrigation potential of 2700 hectare CCA. Survey & investigation would be completed within 2006-07 and its DPR would be brought out by early part of 2007-08.


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