Command Area Development

The irrigation potential created are brought under utilization through Command Area Development Programme. Under this programme, construction of on-farm-development (OFD) components like field channel, field drain, reclamation of water-logged areas within the command and correction of system deficiency are taken care of as hardware activities of the programme. It also covers regulatory water distribution activity called warabandi, formation of registered water user association (WUA), training to the officers and farmers as software activities of the programme. The programme aims at establishing a close partnership between the farmers (water users) and the implementing Govt. Department with the ultimate objective of transferring the responsibility of irrigation management system to the farmers.


Out of 1.20 lakh hectare net irrigation potential created, about 0.48 lakh hectare only has been brought under utilization. The utilized area works out to be 40% only leaving 60% potential created unutilized. With the help of Govt. of India, CSS Command Area Development programmes are under implementation in a phased manner to narrow down the existing gap of 60%.

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