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As per allocation of business rules of the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, this Department is entrusted to look after the following sectors of developmental work.
Nodal Department for Water resources Management. Survey and Investigation of Major Water resources in the State and planning for its utilization
Construction, operation and maintenance of Major, Medium and Minor Irrigation works.
Flood Control and construction of flood protection works and maintenance thereof including training of rive
Command Area Development and related works.
Land protection for agriculture purpose
Watershed management.
Construction of departmental buildings/approach roads to irrigation and Flood Control Projects/complexes.
Plasticulture in Irrigation.
Establishment participatory organizations in Irrigation Management with particular reference to Command Area Development.
Exploitation of ground water for irrigation. Acquisition and deployment of pumpsets, drilling machines, rigs for irrigation purposes.
Pricing of Irrigation water, Evaluation of mechanism for self managed Command area
Initially, just after trifurcation this department started its function with only two circles, six works divisions ( including drilling division at Pasighat) and 13 sub-divisions. Till today, this department has been unable to set-up full-fledged infrastructures for the smooth functioning of the department, due to meagre allocation of the fund. Despite having constraints, this department has created one post of CE, 3 circles (namely Itanagar , Daporijo and Namsai Circle) and 14 divisions (i.e. one Division in each district and one drilling division at Pasighat). In order to facilitates proper execution of the projects , attempt has been made to create minimum required nos. of sub-divisions all over the state and thereby the total sub-divisions created till today is 42. Due to paucity of fund the Sub-Divisions, Divisions & Circles which are already created are under-staffed and other necessary infrastructures such as buildings, vehicles, etc, could not be provided adequately.
About Us
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